• Describe the features and functionality of Oracle GoldenGate 11g (
• Identify key capabilities and differentiators
• Describe Oracle GoldenGate high-availability and disaster tolerance solutions
• Describe Oracle GoldenGate real-time data integration solutions

Technology Overview
• List the building blocks that make up Oracle GoldenGate functionality
• List the supported databases and platforms
• Describe the Oracle GoldenGate product line:
– Oracle GoldenGate Veridata
– Management Pack for Oracle GoldenGate
— Oracle GoldenGate Director
— Oracle GoldenGate Monitor

Oracle GoldenGate Architecture
• Describe the logical Oracle GoldenGate architecture and components
• Describe Oracle GoldenGate process groups
• Explain change capture and delivery
• Explain initial data load
• Compare batch and online operations
• Explain Oracle GoldenGate checkpointing
• Describe the commit sequence number (CSN)
• Describe Oracle GoldenGate files

Installing Oracle GoldenGate
• Download the required Oracle GoldenGate Media Pack
• Install Oracle GoldenGate on Linux, UNIX, and Windows
• Run Oracle GoldenGate commands from the Oracle GoldenGate Software Command Interface (GGSCI)
• Identify the types of GGSCI commands available
• Use Obey files

Configuration Overview and Preparing the Environment
• Describe the high-level configuration steps
• Configure and start the Manager process
• Configure supplemental logging
– On the database
– At the table level
• Generate source definitions files
• Prepare a source database for transaction capture

Configuring Change Capture
• Describe what the Extract process does
• Configure, start, and stop an Extract process
• Configure, start, and stop an Extract data pump
• Add local and remote trails
• Configure Extract to access logs on Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM)

Configuring Change Delivery
• Explain what the Replicat process does
• Configure and start a Replicat process
• Configure Replicat to handle collisions between changes and the Initial Load data
• Troubleshoot a started solution

Extract Trail and Files
• Describe and contrast Extract trails and files
• Describe the formats that Extract trails and files can have
• View Extract trails and files with logdump
• Reverse the sequence of operations in an Extract trail or file (to back out changes)

Configuring the Initial Load
• Describe Oracle GoldenGate initial load methods
• Identify the prerequisites before initiating an initial load
• Explain the advantages of Oracle GoldenGate methods
• Configure an initial load by using Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle GoldenGate Parameters
• Edit parameter files
• Compare GLOBALS parameters with process parameters
• Describe commonly used parameters for:
– Manager
– Extract
– Replicat
– Both Extract and Replicat

Data Selection and Filtering
• Select and filter data for replication
• Map columns between different schemas
• Use built-in @ functions
• Use SQLEXEC to interact directly with a database

Bidirectional Replication
• Describe bidirectional configuration
• Detect and avoid loops
• Handle bidirectional issues such as loop detection
• Detect and resolve conflicts
• Handle identity types

DDL Replication
• Describe the concept of DDL replication
• Explain the requirements for Oracle DDL replication
• Describe Oracle GoldenGate options for DDL replication
• Explain how to activate DDL capture

Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Performance Tuning in Goldengate
Upgrading Goldengate 11g to 12c along with the components
Installation and architecture of Goldengate 12c
Integrated Extracts,Integrated Replicats and Coordinated replicats
Oracle Goldengate 12c new features.