Netapp storage
• Introduction to NetApp
• Netapp hardware
• FAS and Vseries
• Netapp software management products Netapp Administration
• CLI and GUI
• Secure shell and SSL, configuring SSH, SSL
• Basic admin commands
• Netapp System Manager 1.1 & 2.0
• Syslog, NTP
• Auto support
• Showing Connection to BMC, Wrench port, RML port Physical Storage
• Aggregates, plexes, RAID Protection
• Disks, disk qualification
• FC-Al ,SAS, architecture
• Disk ownership hardware/software
• RAID Groups , RAID 4 and RAID DP technology
• BCS Method ,RAID scrubs , DISK sanitization Logical Storage
• Volumes, root volumes
• Flexible volumes
• CLI and NetApp system manager volume creation
• Qtrees, qtree mgmt Lab Exercise WAFL
• Write request ,consistency point ,

VirtualPath Techno Solutions
• RAID to storage, NVRAM Read requests Storage Logins
• RBAC, Roles, Groups
• Users
• ONTAP 8.0 security Lab Exercise Networking Configuration
• Interface configuration and management
• Interface groups and Load Balancing
• DNS.NIS And Route configuration
• Vlan Configuration
• Integration with cisco layer 3 for vlan NFS
• Setting up NFS
• Sharing using NFS
• Mounting from client side
• NFS versions, implementation criteria
• Real time NFS usage in NetApp, Exercise CLI & System Manager
• Setting up and configuring CIFS
• Command line and system manager
• Troubleshooting Storage system in CIFS environment Data Security Techniques and Multiprotocol tracking and restricting NAS usage quotas
• Exercise Using SAN
• SAN protocols
• Iniator and target

VirtualPath Techno Solutions
• Creating luns
• Lun Masking
• Accessing LUNS
• Multipathing
• Exercise Using CLI & System Manager with ESX & Windows FC
• FC connectivity
• Creating LUNs and accessing LUNs in client
• Multipathing
• Troubleshooting common SAN issues
• Exercise with Windows & Linux For FC-SAN

• Taking snapshot
• Snapshot copies and inodes
• Snapshot copy reserve
• Scheduling snapshot copy
• Restoring snapshot copies
• Restoring files
• Exercise using CLI & System Manager

Snap Restore
• Exercise with CLI Snap restore
• Real time usage of Snap restore Snap Mirror Theory
• Sync
• Async
• Exercise Using CLI for Sync & Async Replication Snap Vault theory Snap Vault Exercise Snap Mirror vs Snap Vault

VirtualPath Techno Solutions
Open System Theory Snap Vault vs Open System
Flex clone volumes
• Slitting volumes
• Space management
• Netapp Internal Replication Backup and Recovery Methods
• Configure and Administer
• Snap restore
• Snap Mirror sync and async
• Sync mirror vs Snap Vault
• Snap Vault vs Open system Data collection Tools, like 7MMT Monitoring collect ,Data Fabric Manager Analyse perf data Boot Process DATA ONTAP Upgrades NOTE: This course will prepare you for NetApp Certified Data Management Administrator (NCDA) Ask for NCIE SAN and NCIE backup and recovery Details.