Advance Backup and ASM

Backup and Recovery Enhancements
 Describe the new enhanced features of RMAN
 Backup large files with multi section backup
 Create archival backups for long term storage
 Manage Recovery catalog advance
 Describe The use of Virtual Private Catalog(VPD)

Flashback Technology and Logminer
 Use Flashback features to flashback the data
 Use Flashback data archive to protect the data and use history data
 Use flashback Transaction Backout
 What is Logminer
 Datapump Logical Backup features

Data Recovery Advisor
 Describe option for repairing data failure
 Use Rman Commands list,repair and advise failures
 Query the data recovery Advisor views

Managing RMAN backups
 RMAN complete backups
 Performing Rman Incremental Backups
 Enable Block change Tracking
 Performing RMAN compressed Backups
 Rman Image copy Backups

Introduction to storage in oracle Environments
 Describe the oracle storage product offerings
 install and configure ASMLIB on linux
 Install oracle ASM software
 utilize ASM command line environment
 Administering ASM diskgroups
 Administering ASM Files,Directories and Templates

Oracle Grid Infrastructure Architecture
 Explain the principles and purposes of clusters
 Describe Clusterware architecture
 Describe ASM architecture
 Describe the components of ASM

Administering ASM Instances
 Explain and apply ASM initialization parameters
 Explain ASM parameter file
 Manage ASM instances and associated processes
 Monitor ASM using v$ASM views

Administering ASM Diskgroups
 Create and delete ASM diskgroups
 set the attributes of an existing Diskgroup
 Perform ongoing maintenance tasks on ASM Diskgroups
 Explain key performance and scalabilty considerations for ASM Diskgroups

Administering ASM Files,Directories and Templates
 Use different client tools to acces ASM files
 Describe the format of a fully qualified ASM file name
 explain how ASM Files,directories and aliases are created and managed
 Describe and manage diskgroup templates